Pièce de théâtre en anglais

Pièce de théâtre en anglais

Vendredi 20 avril, les 3N sont allés à l’espace culturel Leconte De Lisle à St Paul voir une pièce de théâtre en anglais intitulée « Prisoner 46664. NELSON MANDELA ».

Voici ce qu’ils en ont pensé…

«  It was very interesting and there were beautiful songs because the singers were gifted.

I enjoyed, when after the show, the artists decided to answer questions from the audience!

Thanks to this play, I know Nelson’s Mandela’s story better.”

Yassine, Hamza, Julia, Eugénie, Coralie, Neyah.

« That was very interesting because Nelson Mandela was a good man, an example of life. We learned a lot of things about Apartheid and about Nelson Mandela’s life.”

Guillaume C, Samia, Cédric,Romain.

« It was a good drama play but a bit too long (1.5 hrs). But it was a beautiful show about Nelson Mandela’s life.”

Norman,Naïm,Adrien,Guillaume B.

« I think that was really cool! A good moment with lots of information about Nelson Mandela. But there wasn’t any action. Now, we know better Mandela’s life. ” Dorian

“”I liked this moment and it was really cool because I understood everything of this play performed in English!” Ouday

This play is very good. They speak English very well with a good articulation/pronunciation. All the actors were very good.” Elisabeth

We thought this drama play was very instructive, it was funny and very realistic. We liked all the songs and we understood everything because they could articulate very well.”

Alexandre, Mathieu, Killian, Sarah-Linah.

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